Updated February 26th, 2020

We have added a new Health Policy for attendees of the 2020 European edition of INDUSTRY: The Product Conference (INDUSTRY Europe). Please refer to this new policy in order to prepare for attending the conference. Some of these precautions may be more than what’s necessary, but we think it will make for a better and more healthy experience for all:

  1. First off, if you’re sick -- we ask that you not attend. This advice should be followed no matter the illness, and no matter the event. But especially for the upcoming INDUSTRY Europe, we ask that those who are ill or have been ill within the last 14 days stay behind.

  2. We have decided to not permit any attendees to participate in INDUSTRY Europe who have registered from -- or traveled within -- the following countries since February 15th, 2020: China, South Korea, Japan, Iran, Italy, and Hong Kong (those listed as a Level 1-3 threat by the CDC). Fortunately, this number was quite small -- and we have already contacted any attendees who we know registered from those countries. However, if you have traveled within those following countries since February 15th, please contact me ASAP at

  3. We encourage you to limit contact with other attendees -- including handshakes, hugs, fistbumps (our personal favorite), high-fives and the like. It’s a shame to have to do this, but we believe it’s for the best. Virtual high-fives, smiles, and friendly head nods are all acceptable alternatives!

  4. Please wash your hands frequently while on-site, and take advantage of the hand sanitizer that we will be ensuring is readily available throughout various parts of the venue. We recommend that you do this often throughout the day -- but especially before and after times where you’re consuming any kind of food or beverage.

With specific concern about the COVID-19 Coronavirus, we encourage you to learn more about it through the World Health Organization’s informational page -- and consider the advice it recommends the public to take.

If you have any questions or concerns, you may contact the Organizers as follows:
Mike Belsito:

Paul McAvinchey:

Rebecca Feliciano:

On-site, you may seek out representatives from Product Collective at registration and they will direct you to one of the Organizers to answer any questions or concerns in person.

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