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APR 28 @ 12:30PM EST


Only 40 seats

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Principal at Users Know, Senior Design Educator at IxDF, and Author of Build Better Products (Rosenfeld Media) and UX for Lean Startups (O’Reilly Media).

For product PEOPLE who HAVE to make tradeoffs when deciding which features to build next.

In the workshop, we will:

Discuss how teams decide what to build next, and what we can do to improve that process.

Look at how to improve our estimation skills so that we’re not constantly going over time and budget.

Introduce exercises that we can use with our product teams to improve understanding and communication about what we’re building and why.

Look at some of the various reasons why teams build features that don’t deliver the outcomes they want and present some strategies for setting better metrics and determining whether what we’re building will meet those metrics.

“Rich Mironov gave me such a great sneak peak into what I need to be thinking about for the future. It is so uncomfortable to talk to leadership about a leadership role without knowing what is behind the curtain. It’s the classic case of “you don’t know, what you don’t know.” How can demonstrate how my skills can apply to the leadership role if I don’t even know what skills I need to be it.”

“Informative and entertaining. Rich’s experience and knowledge really provided a great perspective through which to view the content he brought and spoke on.”

“It really showed that my teams situation is not unique and there are tons of folks dealing with the same challenges everyday.”

“The workshop was fantastic. The vast majority of his presentation applies perfectly to our department. There were many moments when he would point out how something should be, show what it should NOT be, and then tell you what it looks like when it is going wrong, which often fit with problems we are currently working on solving. It was excellent.”

“I really enjoyed my experience with INDUSTRY Virtual Workshops. I left with relevant insights into growing as a product leader as well as practical ideas of how to help support my team.”

“INDUSTRY delivers a white-glove experience. What a great way to do continuing professional development! INDUSTRY delivers a seamless, engaging and incredibly supported learning environment. Transitioning from general session to team breakout sessions was easy. The small class size kept it personalized: I had a voice, it was collaborative, and I came away with valuable tools to improve how I do my job. The content was challenging and engaging.”

“Dollar for dollar, the best professional development workshop I've attended.”

“After Bob Moesta's workshop I felt that I can take exactly what I learned and put it into action that very day with my team. He explained it so clearly with great examples. I felt like these were truly usable techniques where I didn't feel like I needed to fight the company's CEO to change their entire business structure to help me succeed.”


“EXCELLENT conference for product professionals – first class in every way.  One of the best conferences I’ve ever been to, and I’ve been going to conferences for 20+ years!”

David Robaska

MSTS, Sr. Product Manager


From the organizers of INDUSTRY: The Product Conference, INDUSTRY Virtual Workshops help product people answer the age old question, “Am I doing this right?”

More than a simple webinar or static course, each INDUSTRY Virtual Workshop is live and highly interactive -- featuring renowned product leaders and subject matter experts facilitating challenging sessions on a range of relevant topics. Just tune in, connect with your facilitator and peers, and get ready to level up your product skills!

where’s it happening?

This Workshop is a virtual event happening entirely online on Zoom. You will receive more details on how to access the session in the week before the Workshop begins.