Stuck on a project? Want to level-up your skills? Looking to boost your resume?

From the organizers of INDUSTRY: The Product Conference, INDUSTRY Virtual Workshops help product people answer the age old question, “Am I doing this right?”

More than a simple webinar or static course, each INDUSTRY Virtual Workshop is live and highly interactive -- featuring renowned product leaders and subject matter experts facilitating challenging sessions on a range of relevant topics. Just tune in, connect with your facilitator and peers, and get ready to level up your product skills!


  1. Choose the workshop that best meets your needs -- with experienced facilitators and product leaders leading each live workshop.
  1. Receive the pre-workshop reading materials and assignments. Each workshop is carefully planned, with some including curated pre-workshop assignments.

  2. Enjoy a highly interactive and collaborative workshop! Attendance is intentionally limited to give you access to your facilitator and, in many cases, participate in small group breakout sessions.

  3. Afterwards, you’ll receive post-workshop materials along with an invitation to attend a special Q&A with your facilitator at a later date after you’ve had time to digest the material.

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